Short Cut Cine’s Film Night

When I had just moved to Barcelona back in October an event was suggested to me on Facebook – Short Cut Cine & Jägermeister presents Short Films Barcelona.  I was already intrigued and then I read the description for the event, which promised free Jäger and short films in a variety of languages. This was something that instantly appealed to me as it was a chance to see shorts that I wouldn’t normally get a chance to and also maybe I would get chatting to a few people. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make the event because I was teaching training on the night so I promised myself that I would go next month. Well, as you can tell by the fact that I am writing about the film night now it’s pretty obvious that I didn’t get to actually go for quite sometime.

Short Cut Cine’s screenings happen once or twice a month on Tuesday evenings, doors open at 7.30pm and as I rightly predicted, it’s a popular event so when I headed there this week I got there a little early to make sure I got a chair. There is also plenty of floor space though and they kindly provide cushions and bean bags alongside Jäger shots and free popcorn to make sure you have a comfy and fun night. The event runs for approximately two hours and this Tuesday they showed 9 short films from Israel, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, the UK and the States. I was already enjoying myself immensely before the screenings even began because the atmosphere was so home-like. The decor and how people are interacting with each other makes you feel as though you are sat in someone’s living room for a cosy night in. The 5€ I had paid for entry already seemed wholly worth it and I was even more impressed at how cheap drinks were at the bar with a glass of wine being 2€ and a bottle of beer 2,50€.

On to the reason I went in the first place; the short films. There seemed to be a running theme of dark comedy in this week’s selected shorts, whether that was on purpose I don’t know but that only made me believe that I’d made the right choice by venturing out. My favourite funny shorts were definitely ‘A por el 2017‘ by Wagner Cardeña, which had everyone rolling in the aisles and ‘Mine‘ by Simon Berry, a very British kind of comedy short. You’ll have to watch them to see what I mean. I got chatting to two girls next to me who had been before and they told me it wasn’t usually full of such dark comedy but as I said before, I didn’t mind in the slightest as it was exactly the kind of thing I like watching.

After a short break, which allowed everyone to grab more drinks and also a quick raffle that saw people win goody bags of Wit hair products, Jägermeister merch and a litre bottle of Jäger too, we settled back down for the second part of the evening. ‘Whale Valley‘ by Guômundur Arnar opened the next set of shorts and completely contrasted the humour from the films shown before with its exploration of brotherhood and depression set against the harsh landscape of rural Denmark. Something I couldn’t help but notice in such a small space that probably isn’t so obvious in a large cinema is how the mood of the room would change so dramatically with each passing moment on the screen. One second people would be laughing and happily making comments about the film and the next there would be total silence and a sense that we were all holding our breaths in anticipation of what could happen next. That’s the beauty of short films (and short stories) there is very little time to invoke the emotion and reaction you want so every second counts and every moment feels intense, packed with subtleties that coax the audience into making a connection with the subject.

The end of the night left me feeling very happy about my decision to go, with events such as these I always get worried that they won’t be as good as how you imagined them to be in your head but this night certainly wasn’t the case. I’d encourage anyone who lives in Barcelona to go and like Short Cine’s Facebook page so you can be reminded of when events are happening. For all of you who don’t live here, here’s links to the other short films I haven’t already mentioned* and I would suggest trying to get involved in more local, creative events because I sure as hell know I didn’t do enough of that when I lived in York and there was ample opportunity. Also, it is always very much appreciated by creative people when you show support for their work (I know I blush everytime someone mentions reading this blog to me). It’s a different kind of night out and as long as you bring some good friends you’ll have a good time, so go and support some local artists, film makers, writers, illustrators and anyone else you can think of!

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