I can finally tell you all…

I know I teased you all with a big announcement last week and then I was unable to tell you but now I can! About a month ago I saw a call for submissions for a new literary magazine, called Salomé, for emerging female writers. Serendipitously, I had a piece of short fiction that I worked on whilst at university and had recently revisited to fine tune it. Being quite proud of this small piece of work, I sent it in for consideration because there was the promise of receiving feedback regardless of whether you were selected or not and I wanted to know if my writing was going in a good direction.

Anyway, last Monday after returning from teaching and in the middle of making my dinner, my phone buzzed. I had an email from Salomé. I frantically swiped away at my screen trying to open the email as quickly as my slightly outdated phone would allow with a glimmer of hope that maybe, just maybe I had been selected and would you believe it, I was. I’m quite a quiet person, my excitement is usually expressed in a reserved manner but with this news I leapt about a foot in the air and squealed at a frequency that may have woken up a few dogs nearby. I immediately told my family and some of my closest friends but now, with a week before the magazine’s release I can let everyone know.

So there it is, I am getting published. A week today, there will be a launch party in London that I unfortunately cannot attend being in Barcelona and all but my words will be available for lots of people to read – in print and digital. It’s a very exciting time right now and this has given me some well needed encouragement to continue doing what I’m doing. If you want to read my piece and support this wonderful, new project you can do so by buying a digital copy here. By the next issue, Salomé wants to be able to pay all the contributors which is something you don’t see to often in this industry so buying an issue if you have some money to spare would help them and other writers a lot.

In the meantime, follow Salomé on Twitter/ Facebook/ Instagram and check out their website (especially all my female writer friends because submissions for the next issue will open on 13th April).

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