Rest & Recuperation in Limousin

When it comes to travelling I normally try to go somewhere new because if I am going to put myself through the trauma of getting myself on a plane it may as well be for a place I have never been to before but sometimes holidays like that don’t feel like a holiday at all. When you land in a new city, desperate to see the sights and try out some new food, while figuring out where you are staying and generally gathering your bearings it doesn’t leave much time for relaxing in the end. Luckily, I get at least one week of R&R a year when I head to the center of France with my parents (and special guests sometimes) and proceed to eat my weight in croissants and power through as many books as possible.

When I first started coming to our little hamlet at the age of 12 for sometimes 3 weeks at a time I found it somewhat frustrating and boring. There was no internet, no way of communicating with my friends over summer except by writing them letters and even then I had to count on them actually responding to me. There was no town I could walk to, or anything I could actually walk to except other small places like ours and many a cow field. As an angsty teenager, I mostly spent my time at the house playing Sims on my laptop, drinking an obscene amount of Diet Coke and eating a hell of a lot of Milka and cheesy puffs. I know that is painting a very attractive image in everyone’s mind already but I can make it even better by letting you all know I would then not shower for days at a time because I was a gross child. So, there’s that.

Things are a little different now, going to our little place gives me a chance to really switch off from the world. I can’t keep up with the news, people generally won’t contact me when I’m there because they know I am not available and I have a tendency to leave my phone just around the house and forget about it for hours on end. All the urgency I feel I face in my everyday life melts away when I get there, sure it takes me a day or so to properly relax and not feel all antsy from the lack of stress and things to do but this does allow for some slightly odd moments where I’m bursting with energy and general madness but most importantly of all, I can breathe. I can have fun. I can take time off from life.

I will say that don’t be fooled by the quaint picture I have painted because ‘our’ little commune has seen its fair share of drama; one day I will get round to writing something about everything that has happened in the time since we semi-settled in Limousin but those are stories for another time. For now, I hope you enjoy these pictures from my escape!

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