5 Places to go in Liverpool

Last week, I had planned to write a post reflecting on what has changed in my life since I moved to Barcelona and have since returned. However, considering everything that is happening in Catalonia right now I didn’t real feel like talking about myself and how Barcelona changed me whilst violence is being used against the people by the Spanish government as they seek their independence.

I’ll return to that topic at a later juncture but for now I will simply talk about some of the new places I have experienced in Liverpool and why I recommend you visit them. Enjoy!

  1. Petit Cafe Du Coin, Berry Street

This place has such a calming atmosphere. As you can tell by the name, it’s got a very French vibe and has made me realise that people still do play chess as I have frequently seen people locked in a game. Personally, I’m a fan of the decent selection of vermouth that comes in a hefty glass and the staff who are more than friendly so you feel like a regular on your second visit. Apart from that, it has a great wine selection and ample opportunity for people watching from its home on the corner of Berry Street. It’s definitely a bit of a hidden gem and can be easily missed when walking around an area where you can be overwhelmed by the amount of attractive bars and restaurants but not one to ignore if you’re looking for a relaxed evening with attentive staff and plenty of board games to entertain.

2. Amalia, Campbell Square

I walked past this place everyday when I was on my way to work for 4 months before I actually decided to try it out and now I can’t believe it took me that long. I had the best sundried tomato and mushroom ravioli after having a tomato garlic pizza bread to start, which anyone who knows me knows that’s probably my favourite food. It was all delicious. There aren’t too many vegetarian options and if you are vegan I think there is almost nothing in the way of choice but definitely a nice Italian and well situated if you want to head in to town afterwards for drinks…

3. Furnivals Well, Campbell Square

… And speaking of drinks after dinner, you don’t have to venture far for a good cocktail if you have just been to Amalia because across the square is Furnivals Well; a Victorian prison converted into a lavish cocktail bar. Booths and tables are located in the cells so there is plenty of privacy if you are looking for a cosy date spot or to have a good catch-up with your friends – you won’t have to be shouting at each other over loud music (a pet peeve of mine). Lighting is low and sultry and despite being an old prison it isn’t chilly and the staff are nothing like jailers, they are more than attentive. The entrance can be easily missed as it is only marked by a small gold sign so keep an eye out for it.

4. Berry & Rye, Berry Street

I couldn’t possibly write a post about where to go in Liverpool and not mention Berry & Rye. If you’re looking for the speakeasy experience as well as the best cocktails in town then look no further than the unassuming black shop front on Berry Street and knock on the door, see if you’re allowed to step behind the curtain and enjoy yourself. You won’t regret going unless you have a few too many drinks, which is very easy when they are this good.

5. Cow&Co, Cleveland Square

I know you all saw this coming but I wouldn’t brag about my own workplace if I didn’t think it was worth a visit. Hidden just outside of L1 you’ll find the cafe where I work and I can proudly boast that many people tell us that our coffee is the best in town and enjoy sitting outside looking over the cobbled street and a little patch of green – weather permitting of course – it’s a little city centre escape. We just got a new menu so you can get some delicious freshly made sandwiches and filled bagels and if you’re an early riser we now have a breakfast menu (the Portobello mushrooms are my favourite). Come and say hi!

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