I went to a pole dancing class!

Last year I somehow ended up going to a salsa class, something that truly threw me out of my comfort zone so what better way to kick the year off than to do pretty much the same thing but with the addition of a pole and a lot more bruising. As much as I love to exercise, I’m not a social exerciser. Running, yoga and even going to the gym are things I thoroughly enjoy because they involve being alone and not talking to anyone. So, going to this class was less about a physical challenge and more about putting myself in a situation that makes me uncomfortable and pushing myself out of my comfort zone and guess what? I actually had a great time.

Trying out pole dancing was always something I was interested in but every time I looked at it there was either no classes close to me, I had missed the beginning of the course or I didn’t have the money to be spending on classes when I could go running for free. But it’s winter and I can’t run in winter unless I want the have scaly skin from November – March thanks to the winning combination of sweat, cold air and eczema. Thinking about this my mind circled back to what classes I could maybe join and pole dancing popped into my head. I found a class five minutes down the road that was due to start the next week and emailed the school to book myself on.

Upon arrival I was sufficiently and expectedly awkward amongst the other women. As much as I love to think I’m an unflappable, badass I still find it hard to enter a room of people and make any sort of conversation with them. Thankfully, the ladies of Liverpool are always welcoming and seem to have one hell of a knack for making you feel at ease in these sort of situations so before I knew it I was throwing myself around this pole (and sometimes on the floor). The actual exercises were way harder than I ever could have imagined and when it came to doing a dance routine my inability to quickly pick up steps appeared but I didn’t feel awkward. I laughed and had fun with it and now I can’t wait to go this week, wearing shorts this time because trying to get a good trip wearing sweatpants is impossible and for some reason I was also bothered about flashing my pasty legs to strangers. Hey ho, old insecurities die hard but I’m trying to push myself and this was something I ended up enjoying so much I was buzzing to tell my partner all about it when I left. I’m sure this week will be no different!

4 thoughts on “I went to a pole dancing class!”

  1. Glad you enjoyed it! Kristina goes to pole dance class, she has sent us some great videos! Extremely tough sport.


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