Weekend Excursion: Montpellier

Last weekend, after 4 weeks of intense TEFL course work and an exam, myself, Macey and Colin decided we needed a little break somewhere outside of Spain. With it being short notice, flights were a little out of the question so we looked into where we could go via train or coach and landed on Montpellier. The coach was exceedingly cheap and comfortable, it only cost about 15€ each way and there was free WiFi for the entire journey. We didn’t research a lot about the town itself before we went and opted instead to just kind of throw ourselves in the middle of Montpellier and figure what to do from there and it worked out pretty well!

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Brunch in Barcelona

Barcelona is definitely not lacking in places to eat, drink and hang-out but after being here for 3 weeks Flax & Kale has to be up on my list for the best food and a very decent cup of coffee. The Flax & Kale ethos is one that is very much in-vogue in cities at the moment; Eat better, Be happier, Live longer and their menu is certainly sticking to this motto. They have yoghurt bowls with every kind of seed decorating the top and a good handful of fruit thrown in. There are bowls of fresh salad that are twice the size of my head and then there is the most intriguing item I’ve seen being served – the black burger – which contains active charcaol.

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Weekend Excursion: Montserrat

The pain I am feeling in my knees and calves this morning is unbelievable but was it ever worth it to feel the elation of reaching the top of Saint Jeroni in Montserrat yesterday with a few of my friends from my TEFL course.

Our day began with a lie-in of sorts as I only had to get up at 8.45am instead of 8, which was pretty nice until it was followed by a bit of a mad dash around my flat. We quickly realised that by arriving at Placa d’Espanya to buy our tickets at 10.30 would probably mean missing the 10.34 and waiting an hour for the next one. Everything was okay in the end however, and we managed to get our tickets without much hassle except the fact that myself and Colin got €30 in €2 coins back from the machine (pro-tip: If you’re going to buy a ticket for Montserrat than actually bring €20.20 and not a €50 note).

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How I ended up in Barcelona…

First, some things you should know about me:

I am a 22 year old English Literature with Creative Writing graduate (sort of, my graduation is actually in November) who is from the Liverpool (UK) area and studied in York. I read just about anything. Recently I read a book about octopuses and surprised my friends with the random facts I knew about them for about 2 months. Even if I find a book utterly boring I persevere through because I figure I’ve wasted 100-pages of my time reading so I may as well contintue and if Life of Pi taught me anything it was that a boring as hell book can turn it around in the last 70 pages.

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