5 Places to go in Liverpool

Last week, I had planned to write a post reflecting on what has changed in my life since I moved to Barcelona and have since returned. However, considering everything that is happening in Catalonia right now I didn’t real feel like talking about myself and how Barcelona changed me whilst violence is being used against the people by the Spanish government as they seek their independence.

I’ll return to that topic at a later juncture but for now I will simply talk about some of the new places I have experienced in Liverpool and why I recommend you visit them. Enjoy!

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Places to Visit in Barcelona: The Box

The Box is a place that we had been planning to visit for over two months but for some reason we kept getting the idea to go on the one day a week it is closed (Monday*) and then promptly forgetting until the next Monday. Anyway, after completing this weird cycle for weeks we finally made it to The Box for a few farewell drinks as Colin is sadly leaving us to return to the States. The Box turned out to be a great choice for this kind of affair as the bar is very small – hence the name – and has a very friendly, cost environment that makes it great for catching up with friends. You’ll have to get there at a semi-reasonable time at the weekend I expect to get a seat as we were there on a Thursday and by 10pm there were no seats left.

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Places to visit in Barcelona: El Bosc de les Fades

I’ve been living in El Raval for a couple of weeks now and one thing that is perfectly clear about this area of the city is that it is overflowing with character. It is a place where works of art can be found around every corner and on every street there is a trendy concept store or a restaurant stuffed into a little nook (check out El Pachuco). With this in mind, I did some research on unique bars that were in walking distance from my apartment and as much as I wanted to visit the secret bar that can be accessed through the owners wardrobe, it isn’t guaranteed to be open every night. Then I came across El Bosc de Les Fades and after flicking through some photos of the place and seeing that there were trees inside the bar (albeit fake trees) I was immediately excited to see it for myself.

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