I went to a pole dancing class!

Last year I somehow ended up going to a salsa class, something that truly threw me out of my comfort zone so what better way to kick the year off than to do pretty much the same thing but with the addition of a pole and a lot more bruising. As much as I love to exercise, I’m not a social exerciser. Running, yoga and even going to the gym are things I thoroughly enjoy because they involve being alone and not talking to anyone. So, going to this class was less about a physical challenge and more about putting myself in a situation that makes me uncomfortable and pushing myself out of my comfort zone and guess what? I actually had a great time. Continue reading I went to a pole dancing class!

I went to a salsa class!

This week has probably been the first week that I’ve really felt like I am living in this city. I’ve been coming to terms with living on a very strict budget but it hasn’t stopped me from doing lots of interesting things as much as I thought it would. Bryony, my friend from uni and former housemate (sob), came to visit me for a couple of days which meant that I got to play the real tourist for the first time since I’ve been here! We walked all around the city and went inside Sagrada Familia, which blew me away despite the fact I only saw it 4 years ago but it has changed a lot more than I expected. Anyway, you aren’t reading this to hear about all the touristy things I did this week, you want to hear about the salsa class of course!

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