Rest & Recuperation in Limousin

When it comes to travelling I normally try to go somewhere new because if I am going to put myself through the trauma of getting myself on a plane it may as well be for a place I have never been to before but sometimes holidays like that don’t feel like a holiday at all. When you land in a new city, desperate to see the sights and try out some new food, while figuring out where you are staying and generally gathering your bearings it doesn’t leave much time for relaxing in the end. Luckily, I get at least one week of R&R a year when I head to the center of France with my parents (and special guests sometimes) and proceed to eat my weight in croissants and power through as many books as possible. Continue reading Rest & Recuperation in Limousin

Weekend Excursion: Montpellier

Last weekend, after 4 weeks of intense TEFL course work and an exam, myself, Macey and Colin decided we needed a little break somewhere outside of Spain. With it being short notice, flights were a little out of the question so we looked into where we could go via train or coach and landed on Montpellier. The coach was exceedingly cheap and comfortable, it only cost about 15€ each way and there was free WiFi for the entire journey. We didn’t research a lot about the town itself before we went and opted instead to just kind of throw ourselves in the middle of Montpellier and figure what to do from there and it worked out pretty well!

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