A Day in Glasgow

Last week, I drove up to Scotland with my parents to visit family for a few days. As there was a surprise birthday party to prepare for that I couldn’t really help with, I escaped to Glasgow city centre for the day to do some of the things I hadn’t had a chance to do on my previous visits. This (obviously) began with a trip to a coffee shop in the West End, a part of the city I hadn’t explored too much in the past. I chose to visit Avenue Coffee based off the good reviews I had seen online and its location next to the Botanic Gardens; my destination for the day despite the unsurprisingly dreary weather.  Continue reading A Day in Glasgow

Weekend Excursion: Montserrat

The pain I am feeling in my knees and calves this morning is unbelievable but was it ever worth it to feel the elation of reaching the top of Saint Jeroni in Montserrat yesterday with a few of my friends from my TEFL course.

Our day began with a lie-in of sorts as I only had to get up at 8.45am instead of 8, which was pretty nice until it was followed by a bit of a mad dash around my flat. We quickly realised that by arriving at Placa d’Espanya to buy our tickets at 10.30 would probably mean missing the 10.34 and waiting an hour for the next one. Everything was okay in the end however, and we managed to get our tickets without much hassle except the fact that myself and Colin got €30 in €2 coins back from the machine (pro-tip: If you’re going to buy a ticket for Montserrat than actually bring €20.20 and not a €50 note).

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