Lisbon: A strange but endearing city

This week, I was lucky enough to visit a new city in a new country; Lisbon. The original plan for my first holiday of the year had been a trip to Amsterdam (finally) but owing to the nature of booking so late and during peak holiday season it was a little out of my price range so Amsterdam is just going to have to wait for me a little longer. However, all was not lost as myself and my friend, Yvie, landed on Lisbon as a place we both wanted to visit so at the end of last month we booked ourselves flights and an Airbnb for a little 5 day holiday. Continue reading Lisbon: A strange but endearing city

Barcelona Carnival Fail

All week I was unable to avoid signs of upcoming carnival; a tradition that appears to have be born sometime in the 14th century and was revived after the fall of Franco as a time to celebrate the beginning of the Easter period. My students would show up to lessons covered in face paint or with their hair sprayed different colours and on the streets I saw many a strange costume. The children told me how one day they had to dress in their pyjamas and on another in their parents clothes, which I really wish I had a chance to witness. I was getting pretty excited to see what the carnival fuss was all about but the celebrations themselves were somewhat elusive. Continue reading Barcelona Carnival Fail

I went to a salsa class!

This week has probably been the first week that I’ve really felt like I am living in this city. I’ve been coming to terms with living on a very strict budget but it hasn’t stopped me from doing lots of interesting things as much as I thought it would. Bryony, my friend from uni and former housemate (sob), came to visit me for a couple of days which meant that I got to play the real tourist for the first time since I’ve been here! We walked all around the city and went inside Sagrada Familia, which blew me away despite the fact I only saw it 4 years ago but it has changed a lot more than I expected. Anyway, you aren’t reading this to hear about all the touristy things I did this week, you want to hear about the salsa class of course!

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A Break in Buda (and Pest) – A Guest Post by Bryony E.P.S.

Hello all followers of this great and wonderful blog (also thank you to my lovely friend and curator of this blog for posting my little contribution, even if it is over a month late).

So, as I previously mentioned this is, just as I myself was – being expected on Christmas day and eventually arriving into this world on Jan the 6th 1994 – an overdue post.

From the 7th to the 11th of last month myself and my boyfriend, Jordan, went on a little trip to Budapest, Hungary. The main event was on the 10th (the night before his birthday), as I had booked tickets to go see Glass Animals at the Millenáris Teátrum for the birthday boy… I say for him, I really wanted to see them live too. However, under the highest of recommendations from someone I work with I knew Budapest would not disappoint us as a place to explore before and after the gig itself. And boy, did it not disappoint.

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Weekend Excursions: The Neuschwanstein Castle (Munich Part 2)


One of the main reasons we headed to Munich out of all the places we could have visited in Germany was because of its proximity to the Neuschwanstein Castle. The castle is credited as the inspiration for Disney’s Sleeping Beauty castle and is hidden away in the Bavarian hills. Despite its grand appearance, the castle itself isn’t as old as you would expect as construction only started in 1869 with the purpose of becoming a retreat for Ludwig II of Bavaria and an homage to Wagner.

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Weekend excursions: Munich (Part one)

Christmas time is upon us and when I’m in Liverpool that means buying a tree, drinking Glühwein and visiting the German christmas markets. This year, I’m experiencing the real deal and spending this weekend in Munich!

Currently, I am sat in my bunk bed in Wombats hostel after a slow start to the morning and some Christmas shopping. We arrived on Friday  morning, after waking up at 4.30am to get to the airport (ugh) but the early start did mean we got to see a spectacular sunrise. We were promised a view of Mont Blanc by the pilot but I think the entire plane of passengers was asleep by then. I’ve never been to Germany and now that I’ve been here for a couple of days I can’t believe I didn’t come sooner. As we walked through the airport we saw stall upon stall of delicious looking food and then a Christmas market right outside the exit to give us our first taste of what this weekend would be like. Despite not speaking much German we managed to find the train station and buy our tickets with ease and then we were off to the city centre.

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Places to visit in Barcelona: El Bosc de les Fades

I’ve been living in El Raval for a couple of weeks now and one thing that is perfectly clear about this area of the city is that it is overflowing with character. It is a place where works of art can be found around every corner and on every street there is a trendy concept store or a restaurant stuffed into a little nook (check out El Pachuco). With this in mind, I did some research on unique bars that were in walking distance from my apartment and as much as I wanted to visit the secret bar that can be accessed through the owners wardrobe, it isn’t guaranteed to be open every night. Then I came across El Bosc de Les Fades and after flicking through some photos of the place and seeing that there were trees inside the bar (albeit fake trees) I was immediately excited to see it for myself.

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Weekend Excursion: Tarragona

Sometimes the hustle and bustle of Barcelona is just a little too much after a stressful week of looking for jobs and flats. Add this to the fact that I live on a main road and listen to the traffic throughout the night, it’s enough to drive anyone into escaping the city for a day. This weekend myself and the usual gang took the hour train ride out of the city to peaceful seaside town of Tarragona for a wander around its Roman ruins, a look at one of the biggest churches in Spain and to get a few photos of the Monument a los Castellers.

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How I ended up in Barcelona…

First, some things you should know about me:

I am a 22 year old English Literature with Creative Writing graduate (sort of, my graduation is actually in November) who is from the Liverpool (UK) area and studied in York. I read just about anything. Recently I read a book about octopuses and surprised my friends with the random facts I knew about them for about 2 months. Even if I find a book utterly boring I persevere through because I figure I’ve wasted 100-pages of my time reading so I may as well contintue and if Life of Pi taught me anything it was that a boring as hell book can turn it around in the last 70 pages.

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