Oh Me Oh My: A Secret Space 

Last Saturday was my Mum’s birthday and thanks to my currently busy work schedule amongst other things I wasn’t able to take her out on her actually birthday like I had planned. However, this worked out well in the end as it meant I was able to take her for afternoon tea at Oh Me Oh My; a secret space hidden close to Liverpool’s famous waterline. The day began a little overcast and windy but we were dressed up and looking forward to sipping some champagne and eating lots of finger sandwiches and cakes as we walked down Water Street with some of Liverpool’s most impressive buildings looking down on us.

Oh Me Oh My is a place I have wanted to visit for a little while but what makes it a unique venue is the fact it is only open regularly Monday-Friday with special events on the weekends so every time I had tried to pay a visit to the place in the past it had been a weekend. Bearing this in mind, I figured that a Friday afternoon might not be so busy with people generally working during the week but this was not the case. When we finally found the entrance after a quick trip up to the roof terrace thanks to some confusion caused by construction work happening outside, we found ourselves in a large white room – humming with conversation and the clinking of cutlery on plates. The building itself was that of an old bank that has now be repurposed and anyone who knows me knows I appreciate a good ceiling, this place certain delivered in that area. Once I had stopped taking photos of our surroundings, we picked what tea we wanted from the wide selection of Liverpool based tea company, Leaf, who actually own Oh Me Oh My and supply the tea for Cow&Co (where I work). Clearly, I drink more coffee than tea and my mum is strictly a coffee lady so I just settled on peppermint because really, I was looking forward to the champagne and food.

In a matter of minutes we were toasting and tucking in to the tower of meringues, scones, chocolate cakes and mini creme brûlées. Everything was perfectly made and presented and much to my delight there was clotted cream and not whipped which has happened to me a few times when I have had scones, honestly who does that?! Despite taking nearly 2 hours to tackle the tower we still couldn’t finish it so I wrapped up some of the remaining cake and popped it in my bag that was conveniently shaped like a Chinese takeout box.

We stepped out of the hideaway and in to some surprisingly nice weather and knowing that the tennis was on (despite Murray no longer being a part of it, much to my disappointment) we headed Down to the Pimm’s truck that has been set up in L1 and enjoyed a few drinks more to top off a very relaxing Friday.

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